Jargon Buster

Electric vehicle types 

EV - Electric vehicle

BEV - Battery electric vehicle

HEV - Hybrid electric vehicle

PHEV - Plug in hybrid electric vehicle

REX - Range extender

Energy measurements

kWh - kilowatt hour (volume of energy capacity)

kW - kilowatt (unit of electrical power)


Charging connection types

CHAdeMO - CHArge de MOve (DC rapid charging system)

CCS - Combined charging system (also a DC rapid charging system)

J1772 - Also known as a type one connector

Mennekes - Known as type two connector AC rapid (commonly used by current Tesla & Renault ZOE models)

EVSE - Electric vehicle supply equipment (granny cable)





Other commonly used jargon

ICE - Internal combustion engine

GOM - Guess'o meter

DC - Direct current

AC - Alternating current